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Diving Equipment

Diving Equipment, Diving Gear, Diving Kit - call it what you want, but you’ll need to get your hands on some if you’re going to be a real diver.

What do we mean by diving equipment?

Scuba Diving is one of those sports that requires a fair bit of equipment to be able to successfully go diving.

Without the proper diving equipment, divers can put themselves and others at risk. Diving equipment has evolved over decades from the original solid metal suit with a pipe heading up the surface, to today’s modern dry suits and re-breather systems .

Your diving gear is likely to consist of the following - a mask, snorkel, hood, BCD or Rebreather and breathing apparatus, wetsuit or drysuit, weight harness, storage pouches, a diving knife, fins or flippers.

What type of diving gear do we make here at Bowstone?

We manufacture a wide range of diving equipment. Bowstone Diving was started by actual divers so we understand how our products can be used to benefit leisure divers and commercial divers alike. All of our gear is designed with one person in mind - the diver.

Our range is split into a number of areas.

Diving Accessories

This is where Bowstone Diving specialises. Our range of diving equipment consists of a wide range of products to help you in every aspect of your diving. This includes items such as our simple Velcro Wrap (8671), Spare Reg Holder (7840) and our Tank Clacker (7810).

Diving Bags & Pouches

Our bags and pouches range is extensive, and is far superior to any of our competitors. We have pouches to fit anywhere. Need a pouch to hold your spare regulator? We’ve got one - Spare Reg Pouch (7517). Need a pouch to strap to your leg to hold a goody bag? We’ve got one - Leg Pouch (7530). Need a bottle cover with a pouch attached to the side? We’ve got one - Bottle Cover with Pouch (7747). And on the off-chance that you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll happily make whatever you want. We can make a bag, pouch or accessory to your specification and to meet your requirements. Where else can you get bespoke diving equipment made just for you?

Diving Flags

Our diving flags are renowned for being one of the best in the industry. A number of external tests have been run on some of our Bowstone Diving flags and we've come out number one on most occasions.

Diving Harnesses & Weight Systems

Perhaps our most famous weight systems are out Quick Release Harness Belt (7691) and our Four Pocket Belt (7692).

The Quick Release Harness was created in 1990 when Bowstone Diving was created. It has revolutionised the way people dive today and is recognised throughout then diving community as being a high quality, reliable and effective weight harness.

Our Four Pocket Belt is a much simpler deign than the Quick Release Harness, but is an essential piece of diving equipment for any diver serious about what they do. It has, as the name suggests, four pockets for holding lead weights. Able to hold up to 3kg in each pocket, you’re sure to be able to carry enough weight to do the trick. If you need to add more, don’t worry. You can either add an extra 3kg Weight Pocket (7695) or just thread a lead weight straight onto the 50mm webbing strap.

There's loads of great reviews of our gear all over the web, so don't take our word for it. Check out Charles Hood at Dive Magazine's review of our Click Release Harness Belt (7699).

Breathing apparatus

Here you have one of two set-ups. Traditional divers will use anywhere between one and four large diving bottles to hold the air which they intend to use whilst underwater.  This is linked up to a breathing system, either a BCD of some sort or a simple harness - check out our Bowstone harnesses – Premium Harness (7700) and our DIR Harness (7701). Other divers may use the more modern Rebreather systems. Which ever method used, you will always use a regulator.

Other areas of diving equipment:

There are several areas of diving equipment that we don't supply here at Bowstone. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like advice on which equipment is best to use - we're happy to recommend something.


Another vital piece of diving equipment is the wetsuit or drysuit – which one you use largely depends on where you’re diving. If you’re diving off the coast of Anglesey, you’ll probably use a drysuit. If you’re diving somewhere in Thailand, you’ll probably use a wetsuit.
If you’re looking for great quality wetsuits – why not visit Gybe Watersports.

If you'd like any more information on the above or would like to ask a question, please get in touch, we're always happy to help!

call us on: 01335 342244  

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