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Weight Systems

Click Release Harness Belt Click Release Harness Belt

A fully adjustable harness belt with 2 slide pockets to hold 9k of bagged shot or lead blocks per side. A positive release system using 50mm slide release buckles and Velcro flaps. 1 size fits all. Colours: Black/Blue/Red/Yellow.

More Details for Click Release Harness Belt


Soft Shot Belt Soft Shot Belt

A pocketed weight belt designed to carry lead blocks or bags of shot. Each pocket can carry up to 3 kilos. Velcro type fastened flap.

Available in Black, Blue or Red.

More Details for Soft Shot Belt


Code: 7603 Small
 SRP: 27.00
 4 Pockets
Code: 7603 Medium
 SRP: 27.00
 5 Pockets
Code: 7603 Large
 SRP: 27.00
 6 Pockets
Code: 7603 Extra Large
 SRP: 27.00
 7 Pockets

Ankle Weight Ankle Weight
code:7610, 7611

An ingot type ankle weight, 6 pieces per ankle. 25mm slide release buckle for easy fastening.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink

More Details for Ankle Weight

Code: 7610 Ankle Weight
 SRP: 21.00
 (0.6k x 2)
Code: 7611 Ankle Weight
 SRP: 25.00
 ( 1k x 2 )

Buckle & Belt Buckle & Belt

A 50mm stainless steel buckle and Bowstone logo.

1.5m of heavy duty 50mm polypropylene webbing.

Available in Black, Blue, Red or Yellow.

More Details for Buckle & Belt


Code: 7620 Black Webbing
 SRP: 10.00
Code: 7620 Blue Webbing
 SRP: 10.00
Code: 7620 Red Webbing
 SRP: 10.00
Code: 7620 Yellow Webbing
 SRP: 10.00
Code: 7620 Rainbow
 SRP: 10.00

Pocketed Shot Belt Pocketed Shot Belt

A pocketed loose shot belt with vertical stitching. Central Velcro filling point. 2 extra weight pockets.

Size, weight and length information given in product description.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or Pink

More Details for Pocketed Shot Belt

Code: 7671 Small
 SRP: 37.00
Code: 7671 Medium
 SRP: 37.00
Code: 7671 Large
 SRP: 37.00
Code: 7671 Extra Large
 SRP: 37.00

6 Pocketed Harness Belt 6 Pocketed Harness Belt

A fully adjustable harness belt with 6 pockets, to carry 3k of bagged shot or lead blocks per pocket.

More Details for 6 Pocketed Harness Belt


4 Pocket Belt 4 Pocket Belt

A four pocketed fully adjustable belt. Each pocket will carry 3k of bagged shot or lead blocks.

The construction of the pockets makes this a very comfortable belt to wear,
especially for the girls.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or Pink

More Details for 4 Pocket Belt


Shot Bag Shot Bag

Made from heavy duty plastisized nylon mesh. Holds up to 2k of shot. Velcro fastening.

More Details for Shot Bag

Code: 7694/1 1 Kilo
 SRP: 3.20
Code: 7694/2 2 Kilo
 SRP: 3.40
Code: 7694/3 3 Kilo
 SRP: 3.60

Weight Pocket Weight Pocket

Will hold up to 3k bagged shot or lead block. Slides onto 50mm webbing. Velcro fastening.

More Details for Weight Pocket


Spare Pocket Spare Pocket

A Spare pocket for the 7691/Quick Release Harness Belt

Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or Pink

More Details for Spare Pocket


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